ollyfisk-portraitWith a degree in Computer Animation Arts, Olly has a sound foundation in lighting and its effects on subjects. While working with airbrushing company, Mistair, Olly soon registered the link between his lighting knowledge and make-up application. He shortly moved to London to pursue this new direction.

Studying at the London School of Make-Up Olly’s passion thrived and make-up soon became a daily practice. Still working with Mistair he was able to bridge his talent of make-up and digital art through training, campaign creation and event/exhibition work. His knowledge of the entire process from concept through to post-production Olly has an unquestionable vision when it comes to his work.

He has become an expert in airbrush make-up and will talk anyone under the table with its endless possibilities. That said, he enjoys the creation of living art through the use of brushes, sponges and fingers. Olly is currently exploring the editorial side to make-up and is also fascinated with body painting, taking any opportunity to feed his passion for knowledge on the subjects.